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So after hunting for brands and products for me to have access to for retail and online, I’ve managed to become a stockist for PXG golf equipment. Now this is a brand that means business and have the tightest tolerances of manufacturing I’ve seen to date. Some may say that they are way too expensive but there is a wider stock profile nowadays that includes a few more price points. With the higher prices come more options to tailor it to what you need as an individual. But combine this brand with me, I can build a club to do what you need it to do and be considerate of the overall cost. Talk to me and see what we can accomplish for your golf bag.

Compared to the market…

Compared to other brands, there are some products in the spectrum that are quite expensive like the 0311 ST irons but all in all most of the line up such as the 0211 irons and the 0311 Gen 2 irons are available at what seems reasonable numbers for fantastically performing clubs.

www.pxg.com for full product portfolio

I will be pulling a few models like putters and wedges and building completely unique custom builds to see what they can look like and what responses come about on social media for example. The irons won’t be customised with heat as I’m not sure of how the internal materials react under those conditions. The solid material 0311 forged wedges will turn out to something very pure indeed.

www.instagram.com/holesalegolf will display these builds when they come about!

The longer term ambition is to set up a hitting studio or become attached to a golf club / facility to offer custom fitting one to one and see some ball flights and launch monitor numbers to give the very best service available. Until then, it’s golf porn on a screen and click to order.

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PGA Golf Professional - Specialist in club building and custom golf equipment. Here to work with you to play better golf and enjoy yourself.

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