Working (Golfing) From Home

What can you do at home to scratch that itch that is the golf course being closed?

Will try and keep this simple in the headings. What useful 1 minute drills can you do from home before we get back out on the golf course? Try these if you can and tell me if they help you as much as they do me! 1 minute drills whenever they come to mind. Normally while pretending to listen to the other half from the other room. Oops.

Lines on the Floor – 1 Minute Drill – Any Club /maybe some tape

Look for lines on the existing flooring or put some tape you may have on the ground and hold a clubs leading edge with a golf stance against that line. Do you hover the club or rest it?

Have you got any lines on the floor you could rest a golf club to? Use perpendicular lines or match setting up to an imaginary ball to train your eyes what “square” is. Naturally I used to rest the club a few degrees open, maybe a subconscious thing as my bad shot was always left. Throughout the next week, hold your putter, wedges, irons and woods in a address position and just get familiar with the leading edge sitting flush to the line and identify if you do or don’t already have a good resting position! Some clubs sit naturally open and some closed. Holding the grip closer and further from the ground will change the face angle, experiment with it!

Putter Along a Skirting Board – 1 Minute Drill – Putter

Track the toe of a putter along the skirting board. Step away and repeat the swing. How straight back and through are you? Does it improve? Flick to and from the skirting board to keep your natural stroke in touch.

Scrape the toe of an old putter (or put some tape on the toe) along a skirting board or any flat/straight surface off the floor. Careful not to rotate too much, concentrate on the smaller putts if you do have a little rotation so as not to demolish your overall technique. Although this may help! Swing the putter toe along the flat surface and get a feel for what absolutely straight is. I used this to train myself in to a relatively straight back and through style. The rest is down to reading greens. This also helps to get the eyes directly over the ball or build more awareness if you are slightly back from that. I used to get my eyes too far passed the ball! So this drill was awesome for me.

Pillow Talk – 1 Minute Drill – Any Pillow

Don’t hold your breath with this if you have any heart conditions.

Hold a pillow against a wall with your head and make backswing movements (without a club) Then step back and repeat.

Now and then I like to do this because my chin slides to the side and fractionally moves my spine angle and triggers a left heel lifting on my backswing. Very subtle but I like to keep it in sight. I would normally do 3 backswings to 1 follow through, letting the pillow drop naturally. This drill gives me a physical awareness of my head position and I feel I can take that feeling to the golf course and control my backswing and be more deliberate in to the ball.

Let me know if they help you or if you made any adjustments to suit you personally. I’d love to hear.

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