Carpet Burn

Has anyone burnt a hole in their carpet from practicing their putting so much yet?

I’ve been doing bits here and there to get my fix of golf while patiently waiting for the courses to open up again. Thought I might write something about what I think about to give you something to think about until we can play again;

The ball has to start on line. Or does it? The start line of a putt can vary depending on the pace you like to hit putts at. Do you take the break out and ram it at the back of the cup? do you get the pace just right and let it die in the front edge of the hole? there’s no wrong answer but the start line does vary for each type of player.

The ball has to go the right distance. But what distance do you like to play to? Nick Faldo said on his YouTube channel recently he’s trying to hit a 14ft putt 15ft. I’d not thought of it before in that way but it makes sense. Each player will have different levels of aggression with putting based on the type of game or even the course conditions of the day.

In stroke play I like to let the ball drop in from the edge at dead pace so over the long term round of golf, 3 putts are less likely, but I do hate leaving a putt short. In matchplay it’s a different story, I’ll ram putts while I’m 2 up to get further ahead or generally get a feel for the game as I go and vary. I went 3 years unbeaten in the Leighton Buzzard scratch team so it must have been a good strategy. (Plenty of halved matches). I was mostly passed the opponent off the tee as well so i’d see what they did and have time to react.

What type of putter are you? or had you not even thought about that? aggressive or passive putting could be something to think about when you’re next playing. They can both work very well but if you’re struggling with the putting stats when you get back out there, maybe try each way for 3 hole stints. 3 holes 1ft+ passed the hole and aggressive then 3 holes dead-weighting and see how the scorecard matches up or what’s easier for you to see while your reading the putt.

Let me know what you think about when putting!

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2 thoughts on “Carpet Burn

  1. That gets you thinking. I’m an aggressive putter uphill but passive downhill. In matchplay I’m often passive both ways depending on the match status, I want my opponent to think that there is no chance of me ever 3 putting so that he/she is always under pressure to hole out.


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