Forgive Me Father

For lack of a better title, I’ll be looking here at what makes an iron more forgiving? The ideas can be translated to other clubs in the bag as it’s the idea behind the technology and what to look for when comparing products.

So what makes a golf iron more forgiving?

Bigger face, wider sole, more perimeter weighting, material? Lets talk about those factors in more depth:

Bigger face – More surface area means more room for error. Look at blade length from one product compared to another to indicate how big the difference may be.

Wider sole – A wider sole gives more surface area for the bottom of the club to bonce off the ground and reduce its ability to dig in. On wedges you’ll see small numbers like 10 next to the loft like 60. 10 would be the amount of bounce and how much that sole sticks out to allow it to bounce and glide on the turf or sand.

Perimeter weighting – So what does this even mean? you see it on marketing all the time. Visually look at the chunks of metal on the heel and the toe at the back of the club. Weight directly behind the ball when you hit it off centre. Slap it off the toe? big hunk of metal there to help, perfect. Brands may use tungsten to get denser metal in specific places.

More weight at the bottom of the club helps the ball launch higher because that weight is underneath the ball. Normally matches up with a wider sole as well as there’s more material there. Extra points for the wider sole designs

The benefit of less perimeter weighting is when a player hits the middle more often, you want the weight behind where you strike it in my opinion. Blades go lower because the weight is higher on the head and more central, they are also easier to shape and add more curvature for those that can control it.

Material – In irons you tend to see forged heads or cast. It has forged written on it when its forged or nothing when it’s not. “Cast” obviously isn’t as sexy enough to sell. Forged is a softer metal and some prefer the feel of it. No noticeable difference in distance based on the manufacturing process or metal but cast tend to be stronger lofted which has far more clout when considering distance.

I hope these little snippets help you in comparing any clubs you may be looking at or assessing what you have in the bag.

If this has been of value to you please drop a comment in and hit the like! Would be greatly appreciated.

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