Going Clubbing

How do the clubs in a golf bag progress for different skill levels?


Package sets are great to start with and you can replace or upgrade clubs as and when you feel the need. Equally true with 2nd hand or any freebies people may have laying around.

Learn the game. It’s easier to learn if you use the same clubs more frequently as your technique will inevitably vary day to day, so if your clubs change all the time as well, it’s doubly hard to tune in.

I recommend working on; Big shot (Drivers are tricky to control but fun I agree), medium shot, short shot, chipping and putting. You may start with a package set or a set of 2nd hand clubs for example but stick to the below in terms of use and practice where possible from your mysterious bag of sticks.

Use something like this to learn the game; 5 Wood Hybrid 7 Iron PW SW Putter.

Club Golfer

The golf bag is more developed in terms of having woods, hybrids, irons and wedges to hit a bigger spectrum of yardages. May be looking at custom fitting or at least looking in to things like different flexes of shaft with basic understanding.

Custom fitting from my perspective opens up doors for your game, on new and old clubs, a static fit is an extremely important thing to look at if nothing else. Takes 5 minutes and requires a tape measure. It’s based on your height and wrist to floor measurements. Linked to longer playing careers and injury prevention in the spine. (Actually, on reflection check this as a beginner as well if you are NOT between 5’7″ and 6’0″ tall)

14 Clubs may look like; Driver Fairway Fairway Hybrid Irons 5-PW SW 60° Putter.

Elite Golfer

This Golfer has been through many clubs, adjusted, custom fitted, knows what they like the feel of or brands of head and shaft they are familiar with and has varying knowledge of what else it out there and available.

The bag would be way more specific to the individual based on previous success, research, testing and fitting with most distance gaps covered well and rarely two clubs that do the same thing.

14 Clubs may look like; Driver Fairway Hybrid Irons 4-PW 52° 56° 60° Putter.

Emphasis on the more specifically lofted wedges.

Tour Professional

This is another level in itself, main difference being they can wave a hand to get new clubs (for arguments sake). Fittings for these players can take maybe 3 full days. Comparing models, comparing shafts, adjusting based on feedback, swapping out clubs, new wedges every week or month for the top guys. It’s quite spectacular for me looking at what they need. Sometimes the brands may bribe them in to newer models contractually.

Things not at retail; Tour Issue heads and prototype shafts, hot melting, grinding off metal when the heads too heavy, grinding wedge soles for specific needs of players, changing the putter face for softer/firmer, spare duplicate sets just in case, the list goes on.

They may have 17+ clubs and pick the best 14 for the course they are playing that week.


I could ramble on for days but I’ll drip feed it over time. Start simple and progress at a pace you are comfortable with. I’m here to help if your not sure on anything. Whatsapp button above feel free to ask anything about your bag for FREE advice.

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