Swing, Wait.

Ever thought about your golf club length? How does it change Swingweight? When you shorten a club, the head feels lighter. When you lengthen a club, the head feels heavier. The tools are basic, but the process is precise to balance this back up. It’s definitely worth the small amount of hassle to get theContinue reading “Swing, Wait.”

Soft Soft Soft

Soft is a widely used term for golf balls. This is just some information to clear a few misconceptions up for soft golf balls. Soft doesn’t mean spin. Compression The compression of the ball comes from the core and is how much the ball, well, compresses. Softer compression is linked to benefiting slower swing speedsContinue reading “Soft Soft Soft”

Write & Wrong

Brief background to this is I’ve dipped my toe in the waters of content writing, ghost writing and reviews in a freelance manor. And I can’t get enough of it. Golf courses are closed and I still feel like I’m helping improve people’s golf. But added to that, If I write it then It’ll stopContinue reading “Write & Wrong”

Smashing The Factor

A commonly used term in golf is “Smash Factor”. What is it exactly? With the increased use of launch monitors we have a little statistic called smash factor and it is particularly important when looking at Driver data. Smash Factor as I understand it is how fast the ball comes off the club face inContinue reading “Smashing The Factor”

Hearing Voices

Think positively and control your “Self Talk” Self talk is the inner voice you project to yourself about your ability long term or on a single shot. Bad self talk within a golfer may say “I always do that”… Well …you told yourself about it then did it with your self talk. So what isContinue reading “Hearing Voices”

How Long?

Length on Tour. Lots of talk around the distances on tour that are basically giving credit to the club and golf ball manufacturers. There are other factors that may have more weight and traction to the debate for ever increasing distance on the main tours. The players are younger on average. They have more speedContinue reading “How Long?”