How Long?

Length on Tour. Lots of talk around the distances on tour that are basically giving credit to the club and golf ball manufacturers. There are other factors that may have more weight and traction to the debate for ever increasing distance on the main tours.

The players are younger on average. They have more speed than older fields of golfers. This is great for the game 100%.

The conditions are changing, fairways are harder, dryer and wider, greens are softer and watered to help stop the ball. This is great for viewing retention and Ad revenue.

More feedback is available through launch monitors to determine whether equipment and technique changes are better than previous efforts. Instant data.

There’s simply more things happening than the ball changing and club technology.

Not long to go before golf opens up here in the UK on the 29th March and we can all get out there! Hang tight. Credit to the below video from Mark Crossfield:

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