Hearing Voices

Think positively and control your “Self Talk”

Self talk is the inner voice you project to yourself about your ability long term or on a single shot. Bad self talk within a golfer may say “I always do that”… Well …you told yourself about it then did it with your self talk. So what is the alternative?

Never think about the shot you don’t want to hit with your self talk. Your subconscious does not differentiate between DO THIS and DON’T DO THIS when self talk occurs. It just takes in what you think about. “Don’t go in the water” …guess what your subconscious processes? You’ll either hit the water or do something excessive to over compensate and go at right angles the other way. No sight of the actual path to the hole within your self talk.

Pick a target. Get specific. Left half of fairway? Third fairway stripe cut from the right? Imagine the shot shape or talk to yourself about the shot you want to hit, however that happens in your own brain. It won’t always happen, this is golf but over the years you’ll hit more of the good shots you think about. Self talk yourself in to the good shots.

One way to reinforce your self talk is to write down EVERYTHING you can remember about a good shot or a good hole. Where the wind was, what ball number you used, where the pin was, what club you hit, subtle swing adjustments or thoughts you had, the shape you hit. Then you have a book literally telling you how good you are. A tiny pocket sized note book for your golf bag would be £3? What’s inside it would be priceless to reflect back on to improve your self talk over time.

Hit the like and drop a comment about your own self talk ups and downs if you can relate.

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