Smashing The Factor

A commonly used term in golf is “Smash Factor”. What is it exactly?

With the increased use of launch monitors we have a little statistic called smash factor and it is particularly important when looking at Driver data.

Smash Factor as I understand it is how fast the ball comes off the club face in relation to the swing speed. The max limit in theory should be 1.5 which would be 100mph club speed and 150mph ball speed from the same shot. If the ball is struck somewhere funny and looses speed you may see something more like a 1.4 which is 100mph swing speed producing a 140mph ball speed.

How To Improve Smash Factor

Imagination – Picture yourself slapping a tennis ball as far as you can. To get that tennis ball to go its furthest distance and in to your neighbours garden, do you slice down the back of the ball so it spins? Do you slap in to the ball at the trajectory or angle you want it to launch at so it bounces on your palm? Can you picture the difference in its rebound from your hand? Hitting down on the back of the tennis ball will make it rebound from your hand slower as the energy is transferred in to the grip and spin on the outer cover. The golf ball launching can be improved with that thought alone and that rebound from your hand is what the smash factor measures in golf. Imagine the club hitting up on the ball at the angle it launches at to get the most from your smash factor potential.

Water – Strike is a big part of smash factor and a little trick I use on the driving range is to put a tiny bit of water on the ball or clubface to show up where the ball made impact. Heel and toe, look at how far away you stand from the ball and keep testing until more middle strikes happen. High on the face isn’t too bad in my opinion, lots of Tour Pros strike it there, as long as it’s not the crown of the club. Low on the face can add spin as well as loose speed, try higher tee heights to assist your strike and smash factor gains. Middle or middle top half is my target impact area.

So there’s two ways without any tech to help your smash factor. Basically trying to get the most distance from your existing speed through strike and the angle the club comes in to the ball. (Angle of attack)

Please comment any questions you may have about how this may help you!

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