Write & Wrong

Brief background to this is I’ve dipped my toe in the waters of content writing, ghost writing and reviews in a freelance manor. And I can’t get enough of it. Golf courses are closed and I still feel like I’m helping improve people’s golf. But added to that, If I write it then It’ll stop a copy and paste artist from dishing out google fuelled information that’s not relevant in my place.

I am appalled at the sheer lack of quality in information out there in reviews and advise going out to golfers to apparently help your games.

Basically articles are being written by writers that haven’t got any real experience in golf and from my perspective don’t care what people read as long as they get clicks and prove their value that way. Using Google trends to see what people are searching for and write some garbage based on that. This will only get short term clicks and not long term trusting followers.

My aim is to give useful, true information with a little help from Google trends as that does have merit. I want you, the reader, to have useful and relevant information in everything I write on here and as a ghost writer elsewhere so you can read freely with confidence.

Don’t take everything at face value and try and relate help and advice out there to yourself but have an open mind to why the article exists, who wrote it and whether they are trying to sell or inform.

One of my favourite sources to read and follow is the likes of My Golf Spy and Mark Crossfield. I trust them 100%. Mark Crossfield has had sponsors over the years and he is clear about it and sets expectations very well.

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