Have a Spine

You may or may not have come across “spine aligning” or “pured” shafts.

What is it and does it help?

Some say it’s not enough to worry about and there’s no data to prove or disprove its usefulness to spine align or pure a shaft.

Spine aligned or pured shafts locate the spine. Then place it in a specific side of the club.

Spine Placement:

9 o’clock will encourage lower flight.

3 o’clock will encourage higher flight.

12 o’clock will reduce ‘toe down’ and hold the ball to the right.

6 o’clock will encourage less ‘toe down’ and encourage the ball to fly left.

For me , I think it’s interesting to know where the spine is in a set of irons, but the key is to have it in the same place as often as possible. This helps the shaft bend and react in a more uniform fashion.

Not everyone needs to do anything with this, just know it’s something that can happen in golf club building. Normally in new clubs as opposed to adjusting / rebuilding old clubs.

I have some equipment on the way to see if I can add this extra string to the bow for Hole Sale Golf. Will be interesting to see what results can come of it.

Has anyone used or seen the benefits of a spine aligned club? Comment any thoughts on the topic…

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One thought on “Have a Spine

  1. I have had a driver shaft “spine aligned” and I did notice a difference. The difference came in a more consistent and stable ball flight, especially in the wind. It gave me more confidence that what driver I was using was the best it could be. I play off six and any edge I can gain, be it a perceived confidence gain can only help my score.
    I would definitely consider it in a set of graphite irons!


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