Are All Golf Shafts Straight?

So I have a theory after testing every iron shaft I could reach.

Using a ball bearing type device to find the ‘Spine’ on every shaft, I have found some inconsistencies before spine aligning.

There may well be a spine within every shaft as that is how they are made, one sheet of metal being rolled up, finishing with a seal down one side.

I don’t think all golf shafts are straight.

The tip oscillates as you spin it in the device. As far as I can tell, the “spine” is the point of the bow in the shaft that wants to sit on top of the bend. In it’s easiest place under pressure. It already subtly bends that way.

This leads me to believe there is more benefit to ‘spine aligning’ than I previously thought.

If the subtle spine, bend or inconsistency through a set of shafts is consistently placed in the same place… They will all be …consistently inconsistent.

I still need to get some ball data and I’m working out how best to do it fairly. Perhaps 4 shafts with the spine at 4 different points to see if there even is a difference in performance.

I only have observations and theory so far.

We shall see.

Can every shaft manufacturer guarantee every shaft is perfectly straight on a mass produced product?

Are Tour Issue products the best of the best from the production line and have fewer defects?

Can we combat this through a simple spine alignment? Is it worth the hassle for you?

Comment any thoughts

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One thought on “Are All Golf Shafts Straight?

  1. Wow, interesting find here @holesalegolf, I would be very interested in the findings. Testing from 4 points would help provide the data you need to have an informed summary.


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