What Does Bad Ball Striking Do?

Ball striking can change the way your ball travels.

Gear Effect is the physics behind your ball flight and strike.

The face on your driver bulges heel to toe and top to bottom to combat Gear Effect. Gear effect happens on all clubs, even the putter.

Ball Strike Position – MRH

TOE – (Furthest from shaft) – This will encourage draw spin. Right to left curve.

HEEL – (Nearest the shaft) – This will encourage fade spin. Left to right curve.

HIGH – (Nearest the sky) – This will reduce backspin.

LOW – (Nearest the floor) – This will encourage backspin.

Driver Spin vs Strike

Getting more weight at the bottom of a driver aids higher launch and lower spin because the gear effect is stronger when further away from the Centre of Gravity (CoG).

Just above the middle strikes are best with a driver. Higher launch and lower spin.

MyGolfSpy did an interesting piece on 0.5″ tee height and 1.5″ tee height. Guess which one had better results for distance AND accuracy?

Iron Spin

Some golfers may wish to reduce backspin as this will also reduce curvature. This will be easier with a lower CoG, more weight at the base.

Other golfers may wish to spin more to help shape the ball or spin more in to greens. This will be achieved with more bladed irons. The CoG / mass is higher up.

Wedge Spin vs Strike

Getting the weight higher up on a wedge (like the “High Toe” designs) aids higher spin.

The best place to strike a wedge is the bottom three grooves and the fairway!

From the rough the strike can creep higher, lowering the spin. Also grass can get in between the ball and the face which also reduces spin.

Your Spin

Do you struggle with strike?

Do you struggle with spin?

Could they both be combatted in the same breathe?

Identify First

The first way to see what your strike is like, look at your clubface and see where most of the scratches are. Are they central?

Dab some water on your clubface while practicing and see where the dimple marks show up.

Try and make adjustments in your own way, stand closer or further away. Tee the ball higher and lower.

Can I Help?

Get in touch for Free advice or a chat if you struggle further.

Is it your striking or the type of clubs in the bag?

Length of club can change heel toe strikes – This can be done at reasonable cost.

Shafts could be changed to alter spin in your flight – Costs can vary.

New clubs could already be on the cards or ask if you want any advice.

Even if you are looking for items I can’t supply, I’m always eager to see what people are looking for and see you get the right kit.

It helps me make future decisions on stock and brands etc.

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