Practice With Purpose

Right. So I’ve got the bug again.

I couldn’t hit a Donkey with a Banjo last week and practice practice practice we go.

How are you practicing? Do you have a purpose to a practice or is it just a loosen up type excercise?

Some are looking to improve technique – The drill below will help that transition to the golf course

Some are looking to improve skill – The drill below can measure it’s progress

When you get on the golf course, there is pressure. From your mates, from yourself, internal and external.

Every 1% gain or improvement is worth it in golf. They all add up over the years.

12 Ball Drill

In 3 ball batches – Play a hole – Driver / 7 iron / Wedge?

Some might play 12 full shots in their head at their home course?

For example:

ClubTarget WidthPoints
Driver45 ydY/N
7 Iron25 ydY/N
SW15 ydY/N
3 Wood40 ydY/N
5 Iron 30 ydY/N
SW15 ydY/N
Driver45 ydY/N
8 Iron25 ydY/N
PW20 ydY/N

Beginner – 1 point for each club on target – count how many / 12

This gives you something to measure and try to improve on next time you practice. Maybe be generous with hitting areas, fairway width, green width, 20ft circle.

If you only get 2 points, don’t worry, next time aim for 3.

Club Golfer – 1 point for each club on target – count how many / 12

Reduce those targets down and get more specific. Keep a track of the points you get one week to the next and measure how you are improving.

You might get 6 points each time you do this… Push to get the extra point.

Elite Golfer – 3 points for all 3 on target in each batch – 0 points if 1 shot misses

You can only get 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 points.

This will introduce pressure on that last ball of each 3 batch. Choose the weakest part of your game last for that 3rd ball…

You only get the points when you hit that last ball in your target area.

Tour Professional – Travel up the 12 shots – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, miss …..Back to 0.

Climb the ladder to 12 in a row.

Imagine you are playing for the open. Completely lose yourself in the scenario, feel the crowd, feel the atmosphere. This has to be a very deep level of imagination. The fairways are lined with people….

If this golfer plays in The Open for the first time, it’s less of a shock to the system.

Any level can use this thought process and place yourself in the situation you want to be. Club medal, away match, club champs whatever it be. Lose yourself in the scenario for 12 balls.

Whatever points you pick from this – It’s a 12 shot drill with a purpose. 10 minutes well spent.

Let me know what you think or how you might build this in to YOUR practice!

May The Golf Gods Be With You.

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