Get A Grip!

So how important is the golf grip? How you hold the club?

I once did back to back 10 minute lessons at The Golf Show in various locations for 2 or 3 days at a time. I changed the way 3 people gripped it out of 183 on one of those stints.

One was a beginner, wanted to know. Another specifically asked about their grip

The last person was 180° in the wrong place. Once he stood up to his full 6’4″ with good posture, his grip naturally moved 90° better.

This was a biproduct of having clubs too short from youth. Stooping down to the ball.

The reason I think I changed so few grip is because it’s a short term fix and it feels horrible for all that change it. Most go back to what’s comfortable.

If your hands start round towards your left pocket, it’s easier to open the clubface through impact. Open face, ball starts right of target.

If your hands start round towards your right pocket, it’s easier to close the face through impact. Closed face, ball starts left of target.

So the grip does influence flight. But what other problems could it be masking?

Most problems I have seen over the years have come from far bigger movements in the body or big fundamentals like how far you stand from the ball and posture.

Make a note of where your hands are on a good day or even a good shot. If you have a bad day or a bad shot…. And they are in the same place… The problem may not be the grip.

My right hand creeps over to the left. This sneaks in a right shot. I have a position I go back to as a benchmark place of golfy goodness.

Below I look in to the different ways to grip; baseball grip, interlock grip, overlap grip and reverse overlap.

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