The Working Week

This is an update announcement

As business is picking up and more and more diversity to my working week develops, I have a new structure to implement:

TUESDAYS Pull clubs apart.

All the New, Used and Broken clubs that come in get broken down in to components as necessary and lined up ready for the next day.

WEDNESDAYSPut clubs together

The components from yesterday get put back together as required as this is a far more time and resource efficient way for me to work. My favourite epoxy takes 4 hours to set and 12 hours to fully cure. Using 1 batch is the best process for me.

THURSDAYSPut grips on and QC

This is where I get the grips on, reduce ferrules, clean up and renew paint for the clubs coming through for the week.

Drop your club/s off: over the weekend / Monday (ideally)

Pick your club/s up: Friday / over the weekend (ideally)

Need it done quicker? £20 rush fee next day ready to play

*Any components that come in late from suppliers get automatic free rush service.

I am currently looking at Warehouse/Workshop units as well as Head Professional openings at golf clubs. Do please shout at me if you see anything or have ideas.

No idea is a bad idea!

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