Wedges – A Buyers Guide

So when it comes to wedges there’s a lot to learn and consider. You can go for every degree gap or you can space it out to give fewer wedges and more woods.

The starting point for me it is to look at the irons in your golf bag. You may have irons down to a PW, GW or SW. Everyone’s bag will differ.

Use the almighty powers of Google to search for your irons followed by the word “specs” You are looking to find out what lofts you are rocking around with and plan from there.

Scenario 1 – Irons to PW and SW

This may show you that there is a large gap between the PW and SW, as though an entire club can fit in to the gap.

That gap may be ok for those newer to the game but a nightmare if you are becoming more established and noticing hardship with full shots at that range.

Trying to fill the gap can be tricky, especially if the irons you have are not made any more and the gap club needed cannot be ordered or found on eBay. (Hint)

Scenario 2 – Irons to PW and GW

This is ideal because your distances with the PW and GW full shots will flow nicely as the shaft is the same, lofts are consistent and the sole is the same shape, width and size etc.

Now it could be a case of finding your needs around the green with a specialist wedge. 56 and 60 or a 58 could be a relevant addition, if not already available!

Scenario 3 – Irons to PW or 9 iron only + Full Wedge Set

The Full Wedge Set is the holy grail of consistency for spin, turf interaction and distance gaps.

It can be done with more and less forgiveness for all abilities. We all have different needs nearer the greens.

A set could have tighter 4 degree gaps or space out a bit more for those wanting more woods. 46, 52, 58 or 48, 52, 56, 60 could be a relevant combo.

Why Specific Wedges?

That more specific wedge or wedge set has grooves and tech like milled clubfaces to grab the ball and give it the best chance of spinning and adding control for your game when landing on the green.

There is also a lot of choice (with guidance) to get the right sole, shaft and lofts for your game to get the best performance for your golf.


Cleveland RTX ZipCore – £129 each (£140 Colour + Grip Upgrade )

Cleveland CBX2 (Extra Forgiving) – £109 each (£120 Colour + Grip Upgrade )

PXG 0311 Forged – £179 each (£190 Colour + Grip Upgrade)

KBS Custom Series Wedge Shafts +£59 (White, Red, Green, Orange, Blue)

Shaft Upgrades or matching to Irons from £25 to £65, ask for details

Email me at if you’d like further FREE advice. I’m more than happy to help as I am genuinely passionate about this end of the bag.

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