Service With a Smile

After starting the business in a national lockdown, I’ve used my Grandad’s (Pop Pops) words of wisdom to good affect by sticking to what I am good at.

I build clubs, better than anyone and I genuinely care about your golf.

Recommendations are travelling far and wide and I really appreciate all the support from you all to date.

The hunt goes on for the Hole Sale Golf Pro Shop expansion, it’s only a matter of time before I build a Hole team to give you your best golf from a golf course and grow even more angles to help you.

Coaching is not far away from becoming possible with that expansion. I’ll be shaking things up even more with some interesting packages, not seen before.

After a few full set requests, there has been development in the MOT packages for a growing pool of awesome feedback from Spine Aligning…

Existing Services:

£30 – MOT – Hole Bag
Renew all missing paint
Realign wonky grips
Check for loose heads
Adjust random length clubs
Golf OCD on your BAG
– Benefits – Pure

£50 – MOT & SERVICE – Hole Bag
= All of the above
+ Basic spine align for adjustable woods
+ loft and lie check and adjust through the bag for complete fluidity
– Benefits – Purer than Pure

New Service:

£150 – MOT & SERVICE + SPINE ALIGN – Hole Bag
= All of the above
+ All heads and grips removed
+ Build your clubs with all spines aligned in the same place and progressively swingweight.
– Benefits – Consistently Pure
Worth every penny.

Spine Aligning is £15 for steel shaft clubs and £20 for graphite shaft clubs normally if you wanted to trial it on a smaller batch, get that as credit if you go for the Hole Bag later.

Any existing MOT’ers get their price already paid reduced from the £150 if interested.

Published by HoleSaleGolf

PGA Golf Professional - Specialist in club building and custom golf equipment. Here to work with you to play better golf and enjoy yourself.

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