The Game, Within The Game

I’ve often felt that PUTTING is a game within the game.

Best day of your life, tee to green, and the flat stick doesn’t play ball?

Worst day of your life, tee to green, and you hole every putt you look at?

That’s why I think it can be a separate entity entirely. Some golfers are naturals at reading greens and some are not. To be honest, I’m really not. I putt from memory on my home course and don’t quite get it for the first 6 holes elsewhere.

Ill talk through some points on the putting green and hopefully help you with reading greens… Tell me what you do at the end!

Pace Control Fast

Putts short of the hole will miss 100% of the time. True story.

Fast greens, for me are ideally a “die in the hole” pace.

This could also work on down hill putts or strokeplay.

A trick I use for downhillers is to do everything normally but strike the ball really far off the toe. kills the speed.

Pace Control Slow

Slow greens, for me ideally are a “smack the stick” pace (while flags are left in).

This could also work on uphill putts, matchplay or the last putt for a point in stableford.

A trick I use is to imagine the hole a foot or 2 foot passed the hole, depending on scenario, Imagining that as my new target pace. Thus not hammering it but playing the normal technique.

How Do You Read Greens?

When reading greens, there’s a few ways to go about it:

Quick method 1 – The “plumb-bob”

Dangle your putter grip in your fingertips and let the putter hang. (Make sure to hold it with the face pointing the same way every time – I choose at the hole for various reasons)

Hold the still hanging bottom part of the shaft visually over the ball and try to make a visual line between the ball and the hole.

Your ball should follow the line of the shaft. If it goes to the right of the hole, it’s right-to-left. Left of the hole is left-to-right.

The more you do it, the more you’ll get used to it.

Quick method 2 – Your feet

Walk behind the hole and behind your ball as though on the ends of a rectangle

As you walk, you may be able to feel if you are walking slightly uphill or downhill. Try it next time you are out there.

Walk along the ends of the rectangle to feel if the ground is higher on one side or another. This might help you feel things you don’t see.

The ball will move downhill.

Quick method 3 – High point / Low point

Walk around the hole at a 10ft radius or so.

There will normally be 1 high point and 1 low point around the hole. You may feel them with your feet. Rise up to a peak on the circle and fall to a dip.

Both of those points, are a straight putt.

The ball will fall towards the low point

The ball will fall away from the high point

This could be very valuable information when reading greens


Comment or get in touch if you don’t quite understand my overlook of reading greens. I’d love to have a reason to make a video of this sooner rather than later.

How do YOU read greens?

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