If You Want Something Done – Ask a Man Who’s Busy.

During a week off I’ve managed to fill the diary with all enquiries, ordered the necessary components bar a few back orders and appreciate everyone’s patience while the business is young and a one man band.

I want to get things done in an organised fashion and a reasonable timescale.

My pricing is competitive and I’m not here to rip people off. I love what I do.

Everything I do is designed to compel you to tell your friends. I don’t need to make maximum profit from you… I need you to tell 10 friends. #tellyourfriends.

Hole Sale Golf has a hunger to grow and offer more and more services to you all. I know how I want to set up a shop. I’m on a mission to find one.

Bigger workshop – Better tools – Faster service – More services – More staff (well… staff to start with)

Just want to emphasise the need to book appointments at the moment just so I can manage my day accordingly if supplies are needed etc or I need to nip out.

The more problems I get, the more processes I put in place to handle them.

This Hole operation is being built to grow and grow and maintain it’s personality and integrity.

The customer will ALWAYS come first. The service and after sales will ALWAYS be the best.

If you get any ideas for expansion, no idea is a bad idea. Units, Office space with higher ceilings, Golf clubs without a Head Professional, Random units you can imagine hitting golf balls in… The lot.

I’ve built in some new Putter refurbishment options that will go live soon with some examples on the website and instagram.



Published by HoleSaleGolf

PGA Golf Professional - Specialist in club building and custom golf equipment. Here to work with you to play better golf and enjoy yourself.

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