Growth Spurt

So Hole Sale Golf has its first growth spurt.

An opportunity presented itself to me a few weeks ago. It sounded great. Ideas were flowing and I presented an offer. The counter offer back, was a joke. Flop.

But my brain was wired with how I want to set up a workshop….

I continued to troll around Milton Keynes looking at different units and sizes/locations/costs to try and find the right place to expand to.

There’s no doubt it needed to happen.

Ages ago I made contact with Luther Blacklock, Master PGA Golf Professional and inventor of the Explanar Swing Training System. At the time, I didn’t know what I wanted apart from to keep up with demand.

I appeared ‘off the cuff’ at his studio not really knowing what to expect. Maybe some ideas or wisdom from the world renowned coach.

Quite quickly we were taking about where a workshop could go. Where a retail space could display products and how we would work in a partnership as opposed to me renting a space.

What seemed like a flash later, we were in agreement it’s the way forward to share the space and provide every service a pair of knowledgeable golf professionals should.

Luther the Master PGA Professional and Inventor + Freddie the PGA Professional and Master Club Builder = Something special indeed.

I will now be able to provide more services. Lessons, Fittings, Gapping and so much more. It will take time to get all the equipment and some things will have to wait until I build up a pot of money to get extra equipment and extra stock.

New Golf Equipment

You’ll see the likes of PXG, Srixon, Cleveland and hopefully ORKA and Ping later on.

Repair & Upgrade Golf Equipment

An extensive display of shafts for repairs, fitting and upgrading your current equipment. Aldila and Fujikura products in EVERY weight and flex, not to mention the Ventus Black Series for the Gorilla’s out there.

Golf MOT Services

Slight adjustments and additions to the Menu. The introduction of Launch Monitor Access to compliment and add to the MOT Portfolio;

All will unveil in good time…

Watch this space and stay tuned for the grand opening.

I’m thinking LONGEST DRIVE and STRAIGHTEST DRIVE in the opening week?

Obviously there’ll be PRIZES and opening offers!

Published by HoleSaleGolf

PGA Golf Professional - Specialist in club building and custom golf equipment. Here to work with you to play better golf and enjoy yourself.

One thought on “Growth Spurt

  1. Freddie! Well done you! in your dogged perseverance in pursuing and achieving what appears to be a partnership and a match made in heaven!
    Your affiliation and your combined joining of forces with Luther sounds perfect!

    Congratulations to you both!


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