My Approach as a Coach

Sneak Peek

Where are you now?Where do you want to get to?How do we get you there?

PROMO – £10, 10 Min Lessons – Saturday 9th October – BOOK NOW

Gapping – On Course Strategy – specific to your strengths.

Technique to protect your body and hit your yardages more often.

Find the missing links – Score your lowest scores.

More Depth:

Coaching is a growing topic that is coming up more and more often.

October Promotion: Saturday 9th October – £10, 10 Minute Lesson.

I’ll be running £10, 10 minute lessons for quick tips and swing thoughts to take to the course and tidy up specific problems.

Each booking will be 20 minutes long, just to make sure you get the full 10 minutes on your golf.

The day will run from 9am – 6pm


There’s a few technical things I like to see in the swing and they all link to consistency of distance and injury prevention.

This doesn’t take too long to implement. You don’t need 10 lessons to get these basics. 1/2/3 lessons and commitment to some practice time.

This will encourage a reliable stock shot.

Once your technique has been tidied up, more consistent distances and no danger of excessive pressure on knees, hip and back… there’s much to learn.

The Pro’s Have Multiple Coaches

Now, the way that I coach doesn’t necessarily step on the toes of other swing coaches.

Tour Professionals have swing coaches, short game coaches, sports psychologists, nutritionists and then the Tour Trucks to sort the clubs out!

An entire team to cover all angles.

I am a performance coach and a Master Club Builder. I want you to shoot your lowest scores. Better scoring comes from many places on the golf course.

The best place to start is honestly a Gapping Session. It gives you so much value to take to the course and allows me to map out the strengths and weaknesses in your game.

From there, I can work out the areas that will make the most impact on your handicap and bring you up through the gears you have.

Shots Shots Shots

Stock shot – reliable go to shot – will vary for every player.

Strategy on the course – play to your strengths.

Varied swing lengths – specifically good for wedges – get specific.

High, low, draw & fade – adapt to the course – adapt to the obstacle.

Pitching, chipping & bunkers – so many ways to skin a cat – learn spin control.

Putting – The game within the game.


This is the basic structure to my approach.

I want to give you the tools you need on the course in shorter time and be there for support when you need it.

Setting goals and targets can have a huge impact on your progress and motivation to get somewhere specific.

Where are you now?Where do you want to get to?How do we get you there?

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