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So I’ve adjusted the ins-and-outs of the MOT/SERVICE in the line up of options.

With a new indoor golf studio, I’m looking give you way more value.

Custom Fit Your Own Clubs:

LENGTHS – £7.50 to lengthen – £5.00 to shorten.

GRIPS – Ranging from £5 – £12 – Different Sizes & Styles. Ask for details

£30 – MOT – Deep clean, grips straight, renew paint and ferrules shined.

£50 – SERVICEHit your clubs with meGet re-custom fit – Includes all loft & lie adjustments needed – Fit your; long, mid, short irons and wedges. (Not just your 7 iron)

£50 – GAPPING – Learn your distances and use your strengths, strategically.

£150 – SPINE ALIGN – Full bag spine align – Every club gets the full Tour Truck Treatment. The shaft labels will all move to the best position for consistency. Only £25 more for either GAPPING or SERVICE after Spine Aligning.

A deeper description of each topic can be found on the page below:

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