PXG 0211 Driver Fitting

USP’s, Data Driven, Efficient Flight and PXG 0211 Woods

Demo kit and fitting kits are a work in progress for the golf studio. They cost decent money that sits still or they aren’t available at the drop of a hat.

When new products get launched, the fitting kits roll out to support the launch and that will be available for me from the likes of Srixon, Cleveland and PXG.

Stay tuned for future product launches!


My approach at the moment is to not become a small version of American Golf stock as I simply can’t compete on volume.

I will happily send you to AG to buy products – I will cover as many small gaps they miss as I possibly can.

I will always be competitive on price and add a little more sauce wherever I can with whatever I do.

Spine aligning, upgrade grips, custom hints or complete custom overhauls.

Before, during and after all sales – I actually do give a toot about you and your golf.

30 Day Promise still stands for any shafts that need to change. (Upcharges and Downcharges apply)

Data Driven

Honest services and data driven differences in performance are what you will find with me. I will always prove something is better or tell you to save your money.

If you want something shiny and new, by all means come along and treat yourself but I won’t pretend somethings better when it’s 2 yards different.

Efficient Flight

If you have clubs that don’t fly efficiently, any brand has combinations that will work better… If you know where/how to look.

Not through newer technology, but through getting the ball to launch better from the right combinations of Loft and Shaft Flex/Weight/Type.

I’ve had multiple occasions where I’ve literally added 50 yards to someone’s Driver distance.

One occasion was a 9° 55g Regular Callaway Epic, Fresh out the wrapper ….I managed to add 50 yards with a 13° 75g X Stiff Wilson Staff D300. AND Straighter.

Still no idea how he was fitted for the first club by his golf club assistant pro but it said Callaway on it I guess.

Arrows and Indians

More efficient flight can be found with technique or with products. I will find you better flight and won’t push clubs if they aren’t needed.

Technique is better to refine first and then look at clubs, in my opinion.

Here are your options;

Buy club – change swing – buy different club to suit new swing

Change swing – buy club to suit new swing

Change swing – enjoy better golf

The PXG 0211 Driver’s and Fairway’s

Today I took delivery of some stock that I will use as DEMO to do driver fittings which I am pretty excited to get going.

9.0°, 10.5° and 12.0° degree heads with all sorts of shaft combinations to test against your current club.

I have an extensive array of demo shafts that I can build ahead of an appointment (if I don’t already have what I think you need ready) after a good chat about your golf.

PXG – 0211 Drivers from £235 – 0211 Fairways from £205

Not holding stock in store – 5/6 week lead time for orders

If you want to come and have a try and see what you may or may not be missing, click below;

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