How To Buy Wedges

A small guide on what I think is the best way to buy wedges.

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A Quick Story

Some years ago I went to the best place I thought there was for a wedge fitting; St Ives, the home of Titleist and the Vokey, here in the UK.

Recently released was the Vokey Spin Milled Wedges and I was an Assistant Professional in Training, circa 2011.

First thing I said was “can I book a wedge fitting”, mentioned it again half way and closed the booking confirmation with “looking forward to my wedge fitting”.

I turn up and say “yes, here for a wedge fitting….”

We proceeded to hit everything but a wedge for over an hour.

Getting fitted for the whole bag is great, when you ask for it.

So the experience ended with 5 balls hitting a wedge on a lie board.

Asked what lofts I currently had.

And hey presto 52, 58 high bounce.

The worst wedges I’d ever had and nothing achieved whatsoever for my game.

What Did Young Freddie Learn?

Well, I learnt that a bad experience of a fitting can scar people.

It scarred me.

What did I want from that fitting? What would have genuinely helped my golf?

Distance gaps found and filled.

Correct bounce attained – (Not the polar opposite to current equipment.)

Talking about how I play shots around the green would have been a useful chat.

How Many Wedges Do You Need?

It’s all about the shortest iron, it’s distance and what distances are useful after that.

Slower Swing Speeds;

Someone like my Mum, Low HC County golfer, with a low swing speed but a killer short game can literally cover all needs with the iron set PW and only a 52 after it.

x 1 specific loft. Which I built her just that, some years ago.

The yardages with a full shots are well covered with 10 yard gaps.

There is enough versatility in the club to play all the high and low shots around the green needed.

Faster Swing Speeds;

A player at the other end of the spectrum of distance, will need a very different tooling.

There will be a much larger range of distance achieved and these smaller, more intricate numbers are more fiddly to cover.

With a full PW distance of 150 yards for example, there’s a large area below that to cover with wedges.

If highest loft wedge goes 95 yards, there is 55 yards open to debate.

This could work for some golfers with 2 wedges, more often 3 or 4.


95, 108, 120, 134, 150 yards

60°, 56°, 52°, 48°, PW(44°)4 x Specific Lofts

100, 116, 131, 150 yards

58°, 54°, 50°, PW(44°)3 x Specific Lofts

Trial and Error – Choose Lofts

With the Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedges, I have all the lofts, from 48° to 60° in 2° increments to test.

This is an ideal set up to come and hit your shortest iron, your most lofted wedge preferred around the greens and work out what gaps need filling in the middle.

With precision and maybe budget in mind.

Bounce Back – Choose Bounce

The next step is to look at how the club interacts with the turf on a lie board front and back.

How you get in to the turf can change what bounce / lie angle would be best for you and deserves a little tlc.

How Much?

The RTX Zipcore Wedges come in at £129 for 1 wedge, £250 for 2.

The PXG 0311 Forged come in from £135 per wedge (upgrade shafts available)

All Wedges – OCTOBER OFFER – Choose Any Grip Upgrade & Coloured Lettering.

After Sales?

If you wanted to come back after a purchase and just check your yardages, you are most welcome to.

If any lofts need a little tweaking, colours that need changing, I’m there to make necessary adjustments. Free of charge.

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