Longer is Straighter

Special Promo over October and November!!!

Hit the ball longer – Pay £1 per added yard

Now, hitting the golf ball further has to be a consistent and sustainable addition to your current Diver performance. Otherwise it’s pointless.

I want you to hit the golf ball further, hit the golf ball straighter, get round the golf course in fewer shots and tell your friends where you found new game.

I’ll cap the Challenge at £50, so if you get more than 50 yards, happy days.

Add 1 yard = £1 to pay

Add 10 yards = £10 to pay

Add 50 yards = £50 to pay

All I need is a 30-60 min booking

How do you do it Fred?

There’s an optimum window of opportunity for the ball to fly at it’s maximum for length and accuracy.

This scales and actually changes with different swing speeds.

I look at how you launch the ball with your swing and what data that shows on Foresight GC Quad.

I look at what the data needs to do to get maximum efficiency and tweak your technique towards those better numbers.

Some may need some softer or harder guidance on technique than others.

It’s normally a focus on where the ball needs to start and some guidance on visualisation to get the ball spinning more or spinning less, depending on what you do as an individual.

This process with me has literally gained people 50 yards, more fairways and way more fun on the golf course.

Longer is Straighter

Jeff hits it 300 yards… sideways? How comes he’s wilder than Billy at 200 yards?

What I’m talking about is when more length / more speed / stronger flight is introduced to a golfer, their personal dispersion or direction tightens up.

Not only that, the golfer has more feedback on the golf course to react when it slips back to old habits.

Ah I need to launch it higher than that” or “Ah that didn’t start where I need it to

Get back on track easier on the course, knowing what you need for optimum.

What if I already get it flying efficiently Fred?

This is where I’m not likely going to get much from The Challenge and earn £1, if I’m lucky.

I am MOOOOOOORE than happy with this outcome.

Now it’s all about speed speed speed for this golfer.

(If they really want to pursue distance that is)

There are many tools to get you hitting the golf ball further like Swing Speed Trainers; I have some to try out (guidance advised) and purchase if we agree it’s the right move for your golf.

Time and dedication to having it large with; Swing Speed Trainers, Gym memberships or specific explosive training will get you moving that club faster.

This may be a long process for those that want to go through it.

I’m here for support and guidance as the last thing we want is injuries.

Can’t I just buy a new club to get the yards?

Yes and No.

It depends if your numbers move towards your launch window.

The club itself could be holding you back, or the shaft perhaps. This is only when you have the completely wrong spec.

Sometimes it’s a whole new club, sometimes it’s a few tweaks to your existing club that can squeeze that last bit of juice from the tank.

90% of the time it’s technique that makes the biggest contrast in flight.

Yes there may be merit in fine tuning thst

But I was custom fit?

Custom fitting can realistically, only last so long.

Your swings change; they improve, they regress, kids grow and other factors arise like injury perhaps.

You get fitted for a Driver and get the most out of it for your swing at that time.

It’s like getting a haircut, you need to go back to the barbers.

What’s a good way to keep on it?

I would recommend to everyone a GAPPING once a year or once every 6 months, depending on how much golf you play and how much you value hitting the golf ball further.

GAPPINGS give you so much useful information, shows you if you’ve improved and I can have a look at your technique and give you that top up haircut to keep the game sharp and you fresh with strategy.

I do mine every 2 months, although, It’s my job after all and the numbers even correlate to my ever changing body weight. Who would have thought!

Get a regular haircut. £50 once a year? Think about it.


Book a Distance Challenge, let’s see what you’re doing and let’s see how many yards I can add to your game in the space of a session.

30-60 minutes is a safe amount of time to take out of a day over October/ November.

You won’t be disappointed.

Cost = £0 to £50.

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