Best Golf Coaches in Milton Keynes

There are some fantastic golf coaches in Milton Keynes. The best golf coaches in Milton Keynes are brilliant. Such a prime location to cover a good catchment from all directions.

This article is very much my opinion on who the best golf coaches in Milton Keynes are, so please do bare that in mind for bias.

  1. Luther Blacklock, Master PGA Golf Professional and Explanar Inventor.
  2. Andrew Rouse, Longstanding PGA Golf Professional & coached me from the age of 12.
  3. Fredryck Meikle, PGA Golf Professional (+Writer of this article)

Not all PGA Golf Coaches work in the same way. Some will suit one person better than the next and will go about fixing a problem or progressing your golf in their own unique methods.

Christmas is fast approaching so get in touch for Christmas Golf Vouchers or Christmas Golf Ideas from the best Golf Experts in Milton Keynes.

Luther Blacklock – Master PGA Professional

Master PGA Golf Professional in Milton Keynes with an impressive impact on the golf industry, globally. This man oozes golf knowledge but simplifies it in such a charming way.

Luther teaches the shot. The swing is for free. Let that sink in.

Luther has forgotten more than you know about the game. With an approach that doesn’t bamboozle you with over indulgent information and laser beams it all to the golf ball so your focus isn’t tangled up in specific positions but useful feelings and targets while on the course.

The Explanar is a creation of Luther’s, as well as many other training aids. The Explanar putting mat being one of them. These are all available from us in the Explanar Golf Studio.

Also check out the Luther Blacklock YouTube channel and subscribe if you like it!

Andrew Rouse – PGA Golf Professional

The story I’d like to tell here for one of the best golf coaches in Milton Keynes is of my Mum.

Way back when, Mum played off 18 h’cap. Not bad, lowest in the local golf club at the time I think.

Mum goes for a lesson with a Golf Professional in Milton Keynes (unnamed) who said “Yeah that’s about as good as you’ll get” or words to that affect.

Andrew Rouse – Got her down to a 4 H’cap, County Player, 15 time Club Champion over 2 Golf Clubs and once, just once, she missed a fairway. Enough said really. Mum plays off about 11 nowadays and cruises.

Roussy is booked up for a couple of months ahead if you want to get involved. My advice is to discuss how often he recommends and book weekly lessons or bi-weekly lessons in a block to maintain momentum in his teachings.

Fredryck (Freddie) Meikle – PGA Golf Professional

This is I, so I would obviously say I’m one of the best.

There is so much I have learnt about coaching from these two fine gentlemen above.

I’ve only been in the Explanar Golf Studio as a full time Teaching Professional for the last few months and the way I teach is different from the rest.

Historically I have coached here and there and given single lessons to fix specific problems. It’s now that I am developing peoples golf and looking far more long term, knowing that I’m here for the long haul with to assist that progression and development.

Recent feedback has shown some very happy customers indeed. One proclaiming he had more fun on the golf course after lesson 1 than when he had his only hole in one.

Lessons are building up thick and fast which is reassuring that it’s working and people are enjoying it.

A swing theory is developing in the background of my brain, so the more lessons and feedback I get, the better.

My Yardage Challenge a great way to introduce yourself and see how I work as a bit of a teaser:

Come and hit your driver and we will measure the average…

Let me show you my pearls of wisdom and make a few tweaks here and there and see how many yards can be added to your driver distance….

Pay £1 per added yard. Max £50.

The maximum has been reached 3 times during the promotion and long may it continue. Genuinely there have been people that haven’t added yardage but severely tidied up their direction and can see how later distance can be added.


That concludes the best Golf Coaches in Milton Keynes and with Christmas fast approaching, do get in touch to get those Christmas Golf Vouchers for your loved ones or even yourself!

Luther Blacklock – – Lesson Vouchers

Andrew Rouse – – Lesson Vouchers

Fredryck Meikle – – Lesson Vouchers + Shop Vouchers + Distance Challenge – Book Now.

Treat Yourself. Treat your loved ones.

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