Auto Flex Shafts £699!

The Auto Flex shaft blasted on to the scene at a very interesting price point.

At £699 they are a bit more expensive than your normal repair or adjustment. I’m going to discuss my findings from initial testing then attach the YouTube video to match!

My YouTube is growing and I genuinely love making the videos. Still working out what people watch the most and what’s a flop but it’s all good fun!

Auto Flex Findings:

The shaft bends more than your average flex. This allows the shaft to bend and release in to the ball at a very different rate. Not only that, it’s super a lightweight shaft.

Normally this whacks the ball really high with lots and lots of spin. Rarely is a shaft manufacturer able to provide this and still manage to keep the ball straight and low spinning.

The AutoFlex golf shaft keeps that spin down and the speed up.


If you want a fitting for one of these shafts, please let me know. It will have to be done in 2 sessions; 1 to build the shaft to your driver overnight and 2 to hit the finished club and test it out!

I can apply the relevant tip to attach to your driver and then 15 minutes to make the last adjustments before hitting balls with you

I will have to charge £25 for the testing and insist no commitment is needed to make a full purchase. (I need the £25 to cover costs of tips and grips on my stock and just to help my time have some value if no purchase is made) That £25 is abolished if you buy a shaft!

I have the shafts readily available to click in to a PXG or a PING G410 onwards. The clubs still need to be adjusted to your club head and it’s unique weight.

I quite often have shafts available to compare to the AutoFlex just to help compare and get the best flight for your golf.

The shafts are £699 fully built to your driver with any grip. I have Demo PXG heads if you were looking to buy a new club instead of fit it to your own!


The PXG 0211 Driver would currently be £899 with an AutoFlex Shaft.

The PXG Gen 4 Driver would currently be £989 with an Auto Flex Shaft.

Book in for a fitting in Milton Keynes at the Explanar Golf Studio by Luther Blacklock.

Check out the Auto Flex Driver Shaft in action on a PXG Proto Driver:

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