Winter Is Coming

Winter is here and it’s soggy and cold.

What are your plans and ambitions for this year?

Set yourself some golfing targets or just concentrate on one?

Handicap? Shot shape? Score? Enjoyment?

I have 3 targets this year:

Earn my first dollar on YouTube

The requirement for this is 1000 subscribers and I’m currently at 190. Over 90 of which have been accrued over the last 30 days.

Strategy – weekly videos and filling content that naturally gets more views. Need to fail a few to know if they are popular categories or not!

Reach and exceed 170mph ball speed

Currently sitting around 155 to 160 mph

Strategy is to work on explosive movements in the gym, use training aids designed for speed and to expand on some successful changes in technique.

The target needs to be achieved, measured and then reset to a new number.

I want to see how fast I can get – Bryson DeChambeau sure seems like he’s enjoying the chase.

Double Turnover compared to 2021 for Hole Sale Golf

I was pleasantly surprised at the turnover of Hole Sale Golf in 2021.

8 months working from a shed and 4 months in a proper Indoor Golf Studio. It grew and grew and I thank all of my customers for every contribution to the business.

Strategy for the excessive target will rely on one new supplier but I need to prove to them I am worthy. It’s harder when you’re not at a Golf Club.

Better and more regular promotions at the key times in the year like bank holidays and my Golf Coaching is already increasing and expanding at a healthy rate.

More Sales and Sale Items!!

I didn’t personally take much from the business last year as I am very motivated to make it thrive, survive and grow. Most profit went straight back in to the pot.

Aim – Cover EVERYTHING American Golf Does NOT Do!

The Explanar Golf Studio is the One-Stop-Shop for all of your golfing needs.

Myself, Freddie Meikle PGA Golf Professional and Luther Blacklock Master PGA Golf Professional are on hand to cover all the cracks in your game.

Published by HoleSaleGolf

PGA Golf Professional - Specialist in club building and custom golf equipment. Here to work with you to play better golf and enjoy yourself.

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