Ask a Man Who’s Busy

If you want something done, ask a man who’s busy.

Things are heating up in the kitchen. It’s nice and busy in the workshop and the problems that have to be worked around are currently good problems to have at Hole Sale Golf!

The workshop has had a decent organise but only half way with building IKEA units and moving everything around.


Need to put an emphasis on appointments.

Whether it be a Golf Lesson, repairs, just a chat, drop off and pick up times. It all helps me map out each day and get everything done on time!


New products from the likes of PXG and Srixon are looking like 4/6 weeks order and playable. (Much quicker than most others!!) I do want everyone to have the right kit for them be it through me or other retailers / pro shops.

Repairs, upgrades and spine aligning is growing thick and fast.

Timescale wise we are on track with Mon-Friday if all components are available with suppliers. Something dropped off on Wed-Fri will have to be pushed to the week after.

Supply chain issues across the industry are leaving some specific grips unavailable for months but I keep as good a choice as I can. I can also order anything that’s available within a few days.


A few prices are creeping up, main point is grips. Grips are a tight margin at the best of times but I want everyone’s clubs to look and perform their best, without being unreasonable. Here’s an example below of one of some new price points;

Big Retailer: Golf Pride MCC Align – £14.99 + £2 fitting

Hole Sale Golf: Golf Pride MCC Align – £14 + £0 fitting

Big Retailer: Standard Iron Repair through brand – £65/£80 + 8 weeks

Hole Sale Golf: Standard Iron Repair, using existing grip – £46/£54 + 1/2 weeks

So it’s not all bad news, very competitive at Hole Sale Golf.


There’s a few projects in the background – the one I’m most excited about is Tiger Stepping some Cleveland wedges. Other reports showing lower launch and 2000 more spin on full shots!

Fredryck Meikle, PGA Golf Professional – Hole Sale Golf

Filmed before the golf workshop rejiggle.

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