Future Proofing – Junior Coaching

This is a shout out to all the juniors that play this beautiful game that we all enjoy.

JUNIOR COACHING 1:1 – Half Price Forever.

Current hourly rate is £50/hour

Juniors would benefit from £25 hour long lessons that would be adapted to each junior as an individual – Whether they need technical input to get to a target ability or some fun games to simply keep them keen – It’s all in hand.

Juniors that qualify would be Under 18 years old and parental presence is needed unless formally written consent is given to carry out the lesson unsupervised.

Stick around yourself, you may learn something or pick up on some checkpoints the kids really to to keep on top of on the golf course.

If I feel if any juniors have a gift that needs to be nurtured – I will not hesitate to coach them regularly for FREE*. *1% Career Fee

The potential is 99% in the kids attitude to learn, adapt and hunger to progress. Not the swing.

Limited to 3 spots so I won’t be jumping the gun to fill them without testing the limits.


Juniors are the lifeblood of the game and the least I can do to play my part is to provide 1:1 Junior coaching at half price – I’ve offered this since the start of Hole Sale Golf but not really shouted about it but there are a few juniors coming through the diary now!

My Junior career was a healthy one and Andrew Rouse (Now over at Windmill) took me under his wing and developed me as a golfer and still helps me with maintenance when I compete.

Leighton Buzzard Golf Club had one of the healthiest Junior Sections in the area by a long way and I couldn’t have asked for a better support network in eventually turning pro and doing my PGA training through Leighton Buzzard Golf Club and Maurice Campbell, Advanced PGA Professional.

I have a lot of time for Leighton Buzzard Golf Club and it’s members.


I want to give back to the land. John Bateman, Men’s Captain at Leighton Buzzard Golf Club once funded a lot of junior coaching while I was a junior and we all benefited from that generosity.

When people overpay and tip me, which happens often, that money will go in to a junior pot. That junior pot will go 100% towards junior golf and inclusion programmes to keep kids out of trouble and on the golf course.

Who knows, we might find a Rory McIlroy or Charlie Hull in the mist and build them up to their full potential.


With Hole Sale Golf I am hungry myself to progress.

When In a position to offer group lessons they will be at a very reasonable rate and I will carry them out myself as opposed to palming them off to a low cost assistant. That assistant will be included as they also need to develop skills to build a career at the same time.

My aim is to be Head Professional of a Golf Club so I can build a team to treat customers the way I feel they need to be treated. Aftercare, support, service. All the way through.

There’s more to come from Hole Sale Golf and myself Freddie Meikle PGA Golf Professional.


My Trade In promotion for golf lessons is going very well. TRADE IN OLF GOLF CLUBS… FOR GOLF LESSONS

Some clubs aren’t worth anything to sell so some have been donated and adapted to gift to up and coming juniors who are perhaps less privileged and unable to get some sticks on the golf course.

One thing that helps this is low cost Junior Golf Memberships at various local golf courses which is a very nice touch I’m a big fan of.

I’ve waffled enough – 07548147626 – Book your kids in via WhatsApp

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