Iron Cavity – Explained

There’s all sorts of shapes and sizes when it comes to irons.

Bigger head, smaller head.. wider sole, thinner sole…. Blades, Split Sets, Cavity, Game Improvement, Super Game Improvement?

But how do all these factors play in to how you launch the ball?

Super Game Improvement – through to – Bladed Irons

Larger to Smaller

Higher Launch to Lower Launch

Lower Spin to Higher Spin

Distance to Control

Lower loft to Higher loft

Every brand has their take on each style of head from big to small and everything in the middle.

This is to appeal to different players and provide different types of performance and ultimately sell more stuff.

Super Game Improvement Irons are generally easier to hit, higher to launch and lower spinning pieces of equipment.

This means more distance, less curve and more response on an off centre hit

Blades are generally harder to hit and aimed at those that find the centre more frequently, lower launching and higher spinning pieces of weaponry.

This means more consistent distance, easier to shape and not so helpful on a bad day.

There are luckily lots of things in the middle like small cavity irons and mixed sets of blade/cavities.

This video may give an idea of how the cavity can influence your spin rates for example:

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