Future Proofing – Junior Coaching

This is a shout out to all the juniors that play this beautiful game that we all enjoy. JUNIOR COACHING 1:1 – Half Price Forever. Current hourly rate is £50/hour Juniors would benefit from £25 hour long lessons that would be adapted to each junior as an individual – Whether they need technical input toContinue reading “Future Proofing – Junior Coaching”

WaggleDuff PODCAST!

Well well well, a new series of high quality golf content is among us! The WaggleDuff Podcast is back in action with a weekly helping of golf tips and updates on the FREE TO PLAY Fantasy League that is run on WaggleDuff Twitter. Get involved with WaggleDuff FREE TO PLAY Golf Fantasy League – http://www.WaggleDuff.comContinue reading “WaggleDuff PODCAST!”

Ask a Man Who’s Busy

If you want something done, ask a man who’s busy. Things are heating up in the kitchen. It’s nice and busy in the workshop and the problems that have to be worked around are currently good problems to have at Hole Sale Golf! The workshop has had a decent organise but only half way withContinue reading “Ask a Man Who’s Busy”

Free Lesson Up For Grabs

Now it helps if you have already been in to see me at The Explanar Golf Studio. What I’m looking for to be in with a chance, is to leave a review for Hole Sale Golf on Google. Here is a Google Maps Link to help: https://maps.app.goo.gl/yXbmhTLPRZwatTti9 If you haven’t been here already, it couldContinue reading “Free Lesson Up For Grabs”

Winter Is Coming

Winter is here and it’s soggy and cold. What are your plans and ambitions for this year? Set yourself some golfing targets or just concentrate on one? Handicap? Shot shape? Score? Enjoyment? I have 3 targets this year: Earn my first dollar on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuHBmRM6UJDqO6saCugEi7g The requirement for this is 1000 subscribers and I’m currentlyContinue reading “Winter Is Coming”

Auto Flex Shafts £699!

The Auto Flex shaft blasted on to the scene at a very interesting price point. At £699 they are a bit more expensive than your normal repair or adjustment. I’m going to discuss my findings from initial testing then attach the YouTube video to match! My YouTube is growing and I genuinely love making theContinue reading “Auto Flex Shafts £699!”

Tension & Release In The Golf Swing

Tension and release can have a positive or negative influence on the strike, direction and distance of your golf ball. A very tense and tight grip pressure can reduce the ability for the club to release through the golf ball. Over active and under active release with the hands can vary your results one dayContinue reading “Tension & Release In The Golf Swing”

Best Golf Coaches in Milton Keynes

There are some fantastic golf coaches in Milton Keynes. The best golf coaches in Milton Keynes are brilliant. Such a prime location to cover a good catchment from all directions. This article is very much my opinion on who the best golf coaches in Milton Keynes are, so please do bare that in mind forContinue reading “Best Golf Coaches in Milton Keynes”