Golf Lesson’s With Value

Lesson Prices – PROMO – Lesson Packages – Lesson Vouchers

Single Lessons are available with me at £50 per hour.

Taking place in The Explanar Indoor Golf Studio in Milton Keynes, using GC Quad.

Working hours are currently 9am-6pm, Monday – Friday. Late nights and Weekend slots are a work in progress based on demand and bookings.

Also on site is Luther Blacklock, Master PGA Golf Professional at £80 per hour.

Luther extends an introductory offer of a £40, 30 minute lesson. This could be the ideal way to see how he works and see if you like his style.

Current PROMO is the “Distance Challenge”:

Whereby you it balls with your driver until you are happy with the flight being a normal days work.

I look at the stats and adapt some elements of your technique to get the most out of your yardage. Cost is £1 per sustainably gained yard! (£50 maximum)

I’ll be running this up to the end of November.

50 yards has been gained and paid by 2 people so far – Are You Next?

Lesson Packages Small Block / Big Block:

Book a package and get some extra sauce with it;

***£150 – Small Block – [45 Min Gapping + 3 x 1 Hour Lessons]***

Small Block includes an extra 45 Minutes Free, with me, compared to booking single lessons. 45 Minute gapping may be good for Irons & Wedges OR Irons & Woods OR Very specific yardage controlling.

***£250 – Big Block – [2 hours Simulator Golf + 5 x 1 Hour Lessons]***

***£250 – Big Block – [2 hours Gapping Session + 5 x 1 Hour Lessons]***

Big Block includes an extra 2 hours Free, with me, compared to booking single lessons. Play way over 9 holes together indoors or do a full bag gapping.

There’s a lot I can learn from your game if we can play some holes or do a gapping on the simulator / GC Quad before starting the actual coaching.

Lesson Vouchers:

Lesson vouchers are now available!

£50 Single Lesson

£150 Small Block of Lessons

£250 Big Block of Lessons

With Christmas fast approaching, Golf Lesson Vouchers are a great way to treat your loved ones.

With these vouchers, I’d like to take the contact details of the recipient and the date you would like to present them the voucher. (with your permission).

Reason being, I can’t stand the thought of them not being used! I will put in my diary the time to contact the recipient and give them a nudge to use it.

They will have a 12 month life span, a 6 month nudge and a 9 month nudge if they haven’t been started or fully used.

Longer is Straighter

Special Promo over October and November!!!

Hit the ball longer – Pay £1 per added yard

Now, hitting the golf ball further has to be a consistent and sustainable addition to your current Diver performance. Otherwise it’s pointless.

I want you to hit the golf ball further, hit the golf ball straighter, get round the golf course in fewer shots and tell your friends where you found new game.

I’ll cap the Challenge at £50, so if you get more than 50 yards, happy days.

Add 1 yard = £1 to pay

Add 10 yards = £10 to pay

Add 50 yards = £50 to pay

All I need is a 30-60 min booking

How do you do it Fred?

There’s an optimum window of opportunity for the ball to fly at it’s maximum for length and accuracy.

This scales and actually changes with different swing speeds.

I look at how you launch the ball with your swing and what data that shows on Foresight GC Quad.

I look at what the data needs to do to get maximum efficiency and tweak your technique towards those better numbers.

Some may need some softer or harder guidance on technique than others.

It’s normally a focus on where the ball needs to start and some guidance on visualisation to get the ball spinning more or spinning less, depending on what you do as an individual.

This process with me has literally gained people 50 yards, more fairways and way more fun on the golf course.

Longer is Straighter

Jeff hits it 300 yards… sideways? How comes he’s wilder than Billy at 200 yards?

What I’m talking about is when more length / more speed / stronger flight is introduced to a golfer, their personal dispersion or direction tightens up.

Not only that, the golfer has more feedback on the golf course to react when it slips back to old habits.

Ah I need to launch it higher than that” or “Ah that didn’t start where I need it to

Get back on track easier on the course, knowing what you need for optimum.

What if I already get it flying efficiently Fred?

This is where I’m not likely going to get much from The Challenge and earn £1, if I’m lucky.

I am MOOOOOOORE than happy with this outcome.

Now it’s all about speed speed speed for this golfer.

(If they really want to pursue distance that is)

There are many tools to get you hitting the golf ball further like Swing Speed Trainers; I have some to try out (guidance advised) and purchase if we agree it’s the right move for your golf.

Time and dedication to having it large with; Swing Speed Trainers, Gym memberships or specific explosive training will get you moving that club faster.

This may be a long process for those that want to go through it.

I’m here for support and guidance as the last thing we want is injuries.

Can’t I just buy a new club to get the yards?

Yes and No.

It depends if your numbers move towards your launch window.

The club itself could be holding you back, or the shaft perhaps. This is only when you have the completely wrong spec.

Sometimes it’s a whole new club, sometimes it’s a few tweaks to your existing club that can squeeze that last bit of juice from the tank.

90% of the time it’s technique that makes the biggest contrast in flight.

Yes there may be merit in fine tuning thst

But I was custom fit?

Custom fitting can realistically, only last so long.

Your swings change; they improve, they regress, kids grow and other factors arise like injury perhaps.

You get fitted for a Driver and get the most out of it for your swing at that time.

It’s like getting a haircut, you need to go back to the barbers.

What’s a good way to keep on it?

I would recommend to everyone a GAPPING once a year or once every 6 months, depending on how much golf you play and how much you value hitting the golf ball further.

GAPPINGS give you so much useful information, shows you if you’ve improved and I can have a look at your technique and give you that top up haircut to keep the game sharp and you fresh with strategy.

I do mine every 2 months, although, It’s my job after all and the numbers even correlate to my ever changing body weight. Who would have thought!

Get a regular haircut. £50 once a year? Think about it.


Book a Distance Challenge, let’s see what you’re doing and let’s see how many yards I can add to your game in the space of a session.

30-60 minutes is a safe amount of time to take out of a day over October/ November.

You won’t be disappointed.

Cost = £0 to £50.

How To Buy Wedges

A small guide on what I think is the best way to buy wedges.

Skip to the bottom to get straight to the numbers

A Quick Story

Some years ago I went to the best place I thought there was for a wedge fitting; St Ives, the home of Titleist and the Vokey, here in the UK.

Recently released was the Vokey Spin Milled Wedges and I was an Assistant Professional in Training, circa 2011.

First thing I said was “can I book a wedge fitting”, mentioned it again half way and closed the booking confirmation with “looking forward to my wedge fitting”.

I turn up and say “yes, here for a wedge fitting….”

We proceeded to hit everything but a wedge for over an hour.

Getting fitted for the whole bag is great, when you ask for it.

So the experience ended with 5 balls hitting a wedge on a lie board.

Asked what lofts I currently had.

And hey presto 52, 58 high bounce.

The worst wedges I’d ever had and nothing achieved whatsoever for my game.

What Did Young Freddie Learn?

Well, I learnt that a bad experience of a fitting can scar people.

It scarred me.

What did I want from that fitting? What would have genuinely helped my golf?

Distance gaps found and filled.

Correct bounce attained – (Not the polar opposite to current equipment.)

Talking about how I play shots around the green would have been a useful chat.

How Many Wedges Do You Need?

It’s all about the shortest iron, it’s distance and what distances are useful after that.

Slower Swing Speeds;

Someone like my Mum, Low HC County golfer, with a low swing speed but a killer short game can literally cover all needs with the iron set PW and only a 52 after it.

x 1 specific loft. Which I built her just that, some years ago.

The yardages with a full shots are well covered with 10 yard gaps.

There is enough versatility in the club to play all the high and low shots around the green needed.

Faster Swing Speeds;

A player at the other end of the spectrum of distance, will need a very different tooling.

There will be a much larger range of distance achieved and these smaller, more intricate numbers are more fiddly to cover.

With a full PW distance of 150 yards for example, there’s a large area below that to cover with wedges.

If highest loft wedge goes 95 yards, there is 55 yards open to debate.

This could work for some golfers with 2 wedges, more often 3 or 4.


95, 108, 120, 134, 150 yards

60°, 56°, 52°, 48°, PW(44°)4 x Specific Lofts

100, 116, 131, 150 yards

58°, 54°, 50°, PW(44°)3 x Specific Lofts

Trial and Error – Choose Lofts

With the Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedges, I have all the lofts, from 48° to 60° in 2° increments to test.

This is an ideal set up to come and hit your shortest iron, your most lofted wedge preferred around the greens and work out what gaps need filling in the middle.

With precision and maybe budget in mind.

Bounce Back – Choose Bounce

The next step is to look at how the club interacts with the turf on a lie board front and back.

How you get in to the turf can change what bounce / lie angle would be best for you and deserves a little tlc.

How Much?

The RTX Zipcore Wedges come in at £129 for 1 wedge, £250 for 2.

The PXG 0311 Forged come in from £135 per wedge (upgrade shafts available)

All Wedges – OCTOBER OFFER – Choose Any Grip Upgrade & Coloured Lettering.

After Sales?

If you wanted to come back after a purchase and just check your yardages, you are most welcome to.

If any lofts need a little tweaking, colours that need changing, I’m there to make necessary adjustments. Free of charge.

PXG 0211 Driver Fitting

USP’s, Data Driven, Efficient Flight and PXG 0211 Woods

Demo kit and fitting kits are a work in progress for the golf studio. They cost decent money that sits still or they aren’t available at the drop of a hat.

When new products get launched, the fitting kits roll out to support the launch and that will be available for me from the likes of Srixon, Cleveland and PXG.

Stay tuned for future product launches!


My approach at the moment is to not become a small version of American Golf stock as I simply can’t compete on volume.

I will happily send you to AG to buy products – I will cover as many small gaps they miss as I possibly can.

I will always be competitive on price and add a little more sauce wherever I can with whatever I do.

Spine aligning, upgrade grips, custom hints or complete custom overhauls.

Before, during and after all sales – I actually do give a toot about you and your golf.

30 Day Promise still stands for any shafts that need to change. (Upcharges and Downcharges apply)

Data Driven

Honest services and data driven differences in performance are what you will find with me. I will always prove something is better or tell you to save your money.

If you want something shiny and new, by all means come along and treat yourself but I won’t pretend somethings better when it’s 2 yards different.

Efficient Flight

If you have clubs that don’t fly efficiently, any brand has combinations that will work better… If you know where/how to look.

Not through newer technology, but through getting the ball to launch better from the right combinations of Loft and Shaft Flex/Weight/Type.

I’ve had multiple occasions where I’ve literally added 50 yards to someone’s Driver distance.

One occasion was a 9° 55g Regular Callaway Epic, Fresh out the wrapper ….I managed to add 50 yards with a 13° 75g X Stiff Wilson Staff D300. AND Straighter.

Still no idea how he was fitted for the first club by his golf club assistant pro but it said Callaway on it I guess.

Arrows and Indians

More efficient flight can be found with technique or with products. I will find you better flight and won’t push clubs if they aren’t needed.

Technique is better to refine first and then look at clubs, in my opinion.

Here are your options;

Buy club – change swing – buy different club to suit new swing

Change swing – buy club to suit new swing

Change swing – enjoy better golf

The PXG 0211 Driver’s and Fairway’s

Today I took delivery of some stock that I will use as DEMO to do driver fittings which I am pretty excited to get going.

9.0°, 10.5° and 12.0° degree heads with all sorts of shaft combinations to test against your current club.

I have an extensive array of demo shafts that I can build ahead of an appointment (if I don’t already have what I think you need ready) after a good chat about your golf.

PXG – 0211 Drivers from £235 – 0211 Fairways from £205

Not holding stock in store – 5/6 week lead time for orders

If you want to come and have a try and see what you may or may not be missing, click below;

Now There’s an Offer You Can’t Refuse

Coaching Offers coming thick and fast here at the Indoor Golf Studio.

The studio was set up by Luther Blacklock and all credit must be guided to the great man himself.

The workshop space is a huge asset to the expansion of Hole Sale Golf.

2 x Indoor hitting bays with GC2 and GC Quad are perfect to get all of your coaching and club based needs all in 1 place.


Freddie Meikle PGA Golf Professional – You all know me by now

Offer – £10, 10 Minute Lesson – Saturday 9th October Only

20 minute booking for a 10 minute lesson to get the full 10 mins of impact.

Come at me with a problem you want fixed – Leave with a cure.


Luther Blacklock – Master PGA Golf Professional

Inventor of the Explanar and known globally – Golf Monthly – Top 25 Coach

Introductory lesson for £40.

60 Minutes with a world renowned golf coach who certainly knows how it’s done.

Learn the shot, the swing is free.

New MOT Page

So I’ve adjusted the ins-and-outs of the MOT/SERVICE in the line up of options.

With a new indoor golf studio, I’m looking give you way more value.

Custom Fit Your Own Clubs:

LENGTHS – £7.50 to lengthen – £5.00 to shorten.

GRIPS – Ranging from £5 – £12 – Different Sizes & Styles. Ask for details

£30 – MOT – Deep clean, grips straight, renew paint and ferrules shined.

£50 – SERVICEHit your clubs with meGet re-custom fit – Includes all loft & lie adjustments needed – Fit your; long, mid, short irons and wedges. (Not just your 7 iron)

£50 – GAPPING – Learn your distances and use your strengths, strategically.

£150 – SPINE ALIGN – Full bag spine align – Every club gets the full Tour Truck Treatment. The shaft labels will all move to the best position for consistency. Only £25 more for either GAPPING or SERVICE after Spine Aligning.

A deeper description of each topic can be found on the page below:

My Approach as a Coach

Sneak Peek

Where are you now?Where do you want to get to?How do we get you there?

PROMO – £10, 10 Min Lessons – Saturday 9th October – BOOK NOW

Gapping – On Course Strategy – specific to your strengths.

Technique to protect your body and hit your yardages more often.

Find the missing links – Score your lowest scores.

More Depth:

Coaching is a growing topic that is coming up more and more often.

October Promotion: Saturday 9th October – £10, 10 Minute Lesson.

I’ll be running £10, 10 minute lessons for quick tips and swing thoughts to take to the course and tidy up specific problems.

Each booking will be 20 minutes long, just to make sure you get the full 10 minutes on your golf.

The day will run from 9am – 6pm


There’s a few technical things I like to see in the swing and they all link to consistency of distance and injury prevention.

This doesn’t take too long to implement. You don’t need 10 lessons to get these basics. 1/2/3 lessons and commitment to some practice time.

This will encourage a reliable stock shot.

Once your technique has been tidied up, more consistent distances and no danger of excessive pressure on knees, hip and back… there’s much to learn.

The Pro’s Have Multiple Coaches

Now, the way that I coach doesn’t necessarily step on the toes of other swing coaches.

Tour Professionals have swing coaches, short game coaches, sports psychologists, nutritionists and then the Tour Trucks to sort the clubs out!

An entire team to cover all angles.

I am a performance coach and a Master Club Builder. I want you to shoot your lowest scores. Better scoring comes from many places on the golf course.

The best place to start is honestly a Gapping Session. It gives you so much value to take to the course and allows me to map out the strengths and weaknesses in your game.

From there, I can work out the areas that will make the most impact on your handicap and bring you up through the gears you have.

Shots Shots Shots

Stock shot – reliable go to shot – will vary for every player.

Strategy on the course – play to your strengths.

Varied swing lengths – specifically good for wedges – get specific.

High, low, draw & fade – adapt to the course – adapt to the obstacle.

Pitching, chipping & bunkers – so many ways to skin a cat – learn spin control.

Putting – The game within the game.


This is the basic structure to my approach.

I want to give you the tools you need on the course in shorter time and be there for support when you need it.

Setting goals and targets can have a huge impact on your progress and motivation to get somewhere specific.

Where are you now?Where do you want to get to?How do we get you there?

Custom Fit – Check Up

So you had your irons custom fit. What now?

Most fittings start with a 7 iron …and finish just there. You get the clubs in a box and away you go.

Over time there’s a lot that can change. The clubs, your ability, your technique, wear and tear on grips or even heads bending after knocking a tree root for example.

How long do you think your custom fit is relevant for? I’d recommend a yearly checkup if you don’t change clubs that often!

That’s where I come in… Check your clubs and check yourself.

Check It Out:

£50 – MOT & Service – Ideal for forged clubs over 6 months old or clubs that look a little tired. Bring them back to life and bend them back in to shape. Huge Value.

£100 – MOT, Gapping & Service – Ideal if you’re not sure about the specs on your clubs. All specs checked on each individual club. Adjustments included. Huge Added Value.

My Short Term Custom Fit Needs – Data:

Before: I would like to know what you are shopping for. Info helps me plan for the future needs of the business and stocking what’s selling is a good start.

During: Tell me what you were fitted for so I can make sure you are on the right lines and not missing any tricks or ideas. Again this helps my data capture and I am genuinely passionate about you getting the right kit.

After: Use my services above to go through any clubs in your bag and test them. Peace of mind is as good as anything. Chat to me for free if you have any doubts about clubs you have tried.

My Long Term Custom Fit Needs – Equipment:

The ultimate aim is to provide the best service. Before, during and after you buy clubs from anywhere.

Not only do I want to adjust what you have but provide healthy ranges of Demo kit to compare newer technology to show you what may or may not be missing from your game.

Current brands available are Srixon, Cleveland and PXG.

Fitting kits often become available when new products are launched so it’s only a matter of time before I get the fitting tools I need!

Help me to help you!

Feel free to get in touch if you are curious about the topic of custom fitting new or existing clubs.

I’d genuinely be happy to help you and it all helps me build bigger and better business at the same time.

In To Week 4

3 full weeks have passed since moving in to the new unit in Bradwell Abbey.

The Foresight GC Quad has come in rather useful indeed. It allows for indoor services that I’ve only been able to provide for the last 3 weeks!

£10 – 10 Minute – Golf Lessons

1 Saturday per Month I’ll be doing £10, 10 Minute Lessons.

First one is Saturday 9th October

20 Minute booking – 10 Minute lesson, leaves time to settle in and out between each booking.

Being just 10 minutes, it’s not going to restructure your swing but quick fix tips at a low price just to tidy up what you need help with most in your game.

WhatsApp link below to book!

Golf Coaching

Lessons are £50/Hour ordinarily.

GAPPING Session Now 90 minutes

1 hour isn’t always long enough to go through the appointment so allow 90 minutes in your day.

I genuinely think everyone should do this every 6 months as some of the scoring improvements from early adopters has been fantastic.

Why Re-Gap? – New clubs, new swing changes, new anything can change your options on the course. Even the golf ball can change your yardages.

1st Gapping – Let’s see what you can do and put strategies in place to get the most out of each round of golf. Find the strongest links.

2nd Gapping – Let’s see what you’ve done after 6 months and find the next level of your game. Expose the missing links.

Let me deal with the numbers and the science, the rest is yours to enjoy.

COMING SOON… Studio Opening

Monday 6th September, the doors open for Hole Sale Golf at the Explanar Studio.

60 x FREE Giveaway Surprise to the first 60 people through the door.

More Prizes and Offers if you read on…

Exciting times all round! Not everything is ready but a lot has been set up by Luther Blacklock, who has played a pivotal role in the expansion.

Luther and I are running a partnership and between the two of us we have every aspect of improving your game covered.



BOOK FREE APPOINTMENT NOW – 30 Minute or 1 Hour Slots – Aimed at discussing a part of your game or your golf bag you’d particularly like help with. Working out a plan of attack to get you on the right tracks.

This Discussion is FREE, it’s an open book as to the best way to help you but you may already have an idea. We can look at you or your clubs with an expert eye.

PrIzEs To bE wOn – Free Entry:

BOOK LONGEST DRIVE or STRAIGHTEST DRIVE Competition Now – 15 or 30 Minutes – 1-3 People, come and say Hi and see where it’s all happening.

Have a blast and see if you can win some prizes.

2 x £100 Services up for grabs;



AD333 Super Sleeve Golf Balls, 24 Balls in each box for £25

ALMOST £1 a ball?!!!! CLICK BELOW to reserve a box, Limited to 20.

Other Srixon Models will be available (including the Q Star Tour DIVIDE)

It’s going to be busy, please please get in touch and book, even for casual drop ins

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