Free Bag Analysis


Send me a video or pictures of your golf bag for a free review. I may ask you some questions around what’s good and what’s bad in your game so as to make the information as useful as possible

Distance gapping is a very important area of the game for me and often derives from what choices you have at your disposal from your golf bag. Also I’ll be checking for big variances in shafts that could cause issues on the golf course.

What works well for you? What are your strengths? This is always important to know

What do you feel needs most improvement? Area of your game or ball flight difficulties?

Send what you can of you doing this, be it a description or a video, tell me what you hope to achieve and I will share my expertise in getting you there in the way of a mini plan or best approach for you. It could be as simple as removing a club that does the same job as another, allowing room for something more useful perhaps.

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