Build My Clubs

Everything I do is completely Built For You. Existing or New. Anything can be adjusted to suit you in whatever way it needs to. Chat and we can see what will work best for you.

Get your clubs to me in Milton Keynes and I’ll work my magic.

£30 – MOT – Hole Bag
Renew all missing paint and shine up ferrules
Realign wonky grips
Check for loose heads
Adjust random length clubs – Wedges are often different to PW
Golf OCD on your BAG, making them look as new as possible
– Benefits – Pure

£50 – MOT & SERVICE – Hole Bag
= All of the above
+ Basic spine align for adjustable woods
+ loft and lie check and adjust through the bag for complete fluidity
– Benefits – Purer than Pure

£70 – MOT, SERVICE & Lie Change – Hole Bag
= All of the above
+Lie Angles changed to a specific need based on a consultation.
– Benefits – Purest of Pure

£150 – MOT & SERVICE + SPINE ALIGN – Hole Bag
= All of the above
+ All heads and grips removed
+ Build your clubs with all spines aligned in the same place and progressively swingweight.
– Benefits – Consistently Pure
Worth every penny.

Spine Aligning is £15 for steel shaft clubs and £20 for graphite shaft clubs normally if you wanted to trial it on a smaller batch, get that as credit if you go for the Hole Bag later.

Customer feedback:

MOT&SERVICE: “They feel like new clubs”

After tipping and Spine Aligning 3 wood – “Freddie mate, I’ve never felt anything like this… absolutely bombing it” Drew

Built For You. Existing or New.

Here’s something a bit more in depth with specific statistics on the golf course being addressed from the golf bag.

New Grips
New grips can be done for next day if in stock or can be ordered in just a few days if not. Fitting is included. Same grips again or seen something else you like? Just ask

New Shafts
A variety of shafts are available in stock and many can be ordered. Prices are competitive and fitting can be completed in a day or so of stock availability. Any Head Any Adapter.

New Clubs
The clubs available are ever increasing.

PXG, Srixon, Cleveland

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Build My Clubs

Peace of Mind For You

Hole Sale Golf gives a 30 day guarantee which means the components can be changed within 30 days *Clubheads not included* if they are not performing for you.

Any upcharges or downcharges for alternatively priced components would still need to be paid and labour/time is Free of Charge, with a smile. The easiest way is to talk to me about any issues as I genuinely want you to be as happy as can be on the golf course!

Remember it’s built for you. Before, during and after. A tweak of the swingweight, the shaft entirely or the grip thickness could make all the difference and I’d be happy to help.

Don’t forget to tell your friends. Word of mouth and recommendations are what drives my current business and it really is appreciated.

Support a local business in Hole Sale Golf

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