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Gapping – How do all of your clubs perform? What do they do for you? Where are your strengths or highest area of consistency?

This allows me to see strengths and weaknesses through every club in the bag and gives huge value to your on course ability and my long term planning.

Swing Mechanics – Aimed at protecting your body and allowing you to create your yardages more often.

I am developing the F-Plane swing method. Very much based on the plane of the shoulders on the Forward Swing.

This is my own unique method and still forming a manual for it from my own experiences and successes coaching.

On Course Strategy – How do you get round a golf course? Do you use the strongest parts of your game enough? Let’s work you up to the next gear.

Learn More Shots – This is where your ability to score now needs to display more shots and open more doors. We need this to be done at this stage as it is better to build this platform over the top of consistent swing fundamentals.

More shots will also include the many intricacies of the short game. Pitching, Chipping, Bunkers & Putting.

My Approach as a Coach:

Steps to Success

WHERE Are You Now?
With your Swing, your long game, your short game, putting, your golf bag set up, your mentality, your dedication to improve/learn or enjoy yourself? Do you keep stats? Handicap/average score?

WHERE Do You Want To Be?
Ball flight is governed by your swing, better your flight? longer? Up & Downs? Stats improved? Better feeling on bad shots? Better within your level or get to the next level? Handicap reduced/average score lowered?

HOW Do You Get There?
What’s your plan of attack? how much time are you looking to give to the cause? what has worked in the past? do you have the tools for the job?

I’m here to help.

Build My Game

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