Build My Game

To build your game implies it comes from many different bricks that join together to complete your game.

To me, that is the case. Our games come from many strengths and weaknesses and the aim for me is to solidify the strengths and improve the weaknesses.

Teaching to score better doesn’t always come from the swing alone but the game in it’s entirety.

Shoot Lower Scores With Me

…Get In Touch, I Need Your Help! Ideas, feedback, what problems in golf do you need solving or enlightenment on?

Steps to Success

WHERE Are You Now?
With your Swing, your long game, your short game, putting, your golf bag set up, your mentality, your dedication to improve/learn or enjoy yourself? Do you keep stats? Handicap/average score?

WHERE Do You Want To Be?
Ball flight is governed by your swing, better your flight? longer? Up & Downs? Stats improved? Better feeling on bad shots? Better within your level or get to the next level? Handicap reduced/average score lowered?

HOW Do You Get There?
What’s your plan of attack? how much time are you looking to give to the cause? what has worked in the past? do you have the tools for the job?

I’m here to help.

Build My Game

4 Levels Identified (In My Opinion)

Junior / Beginner
We all have to start somewhere right?

Club Golfer
A golfer with a handicap from 36 down to 5

Elite Golfer
With a handicap from 5 and down

I actually see PGA Professionals including myself here. Tour Players are another level entirely. In my opinion, the difference between a 28 handicapper and 0 handicap is the same gap…. as a 0 handicapper and Tour Professional. Those of you that want to bridge that gap. IT IS HARD.

28 handicap to 0 handicap = 0 handicap to Tour Professional. Let that sink in.

Tour Professional
European Tour, Seniors Tour or PGA Tour Card held.

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