Changing a Lie Angle

I quite often find myself changing the lie angle on a golf club or set of golf clubs

First step is to work out why the lie angle may need to be changed

A starting point I always go to is the PING fitting chart which can be found using Google Images.

This gives a healthy guide on whether you differ from standard and where your body may or may not match up to the clubs you have.

Do remember that all brands have different standard lie angles and lengths.

Spec Check – Club Type

First scenario is a softer forged metal or older set of clubs needing to be checked;

Lofts and lies can change over time.

Softer, forged metals can be nudged easier than cast irons when a tree root makes impact harder on the ground for example and they may have nudged without you knowing.

Cast clubs are harder to move but if they are older, they’ve seen more golf balls, turf conditions and generally more wear and tear from use.

Some sets have a few spots where 1 or 2 clubs are “out”. Some have more.

I’ve discovered this from many Golf Club MOT’s.

Do they blend with the wedges? are the distance gaps consistent from a loft perspective?

Some sets have odd lofts in the PW compared to a set of different brand / model wedges.


Spec Check – The Golfer

Second scenario is related to the golfer using them.

How tall are you? How close to the ground are your hands compared to your peers using the same spec equipment?

Were you fitted to the clubs and is your fitting still relevant to any swing changes or progression in technique?


The Consequences

1 degree wrong with a 7 iron can be around 6 yards of direction off line.

You may be making compensations in the swing to get your irons to go straighter.

Turf interaction can be harder if the heel or toe is dominant from having the wrong lie angle.

The ball is already in the air by the time the club distorts on the ground but it’s worth checking.

Here is a video showing the process of changing the lie angle on a golf club:

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