The Shaft Experiment

6 Driver Shafts. 1 Driver Head. When all shafts are the same flex…. How far apart could they possibly be? Many golfers stick to one flex of shaft based on their swing speed and previous successes, but there could be a little more to it than that.

Rick Shiels did an interesting video where he used 1 head and 3 different flexes of the same shaft. Same weight and bend profile. He found very minimal differences between the A Flex, Regular and Stiff shafts. So could I expand on that and see what differences there are in one flex, and one brand?

In fittings over the years, I’ve never used the same type of shaft if the flight characteristics aren’t right, just changing the flex has never proven anything for me. Change the shaft altogether AND the flex and BOOM big changes. So I have my suspicions. I just want data with clubs I’ve built myself to the exact same specs, in a controlled environment to prove or disprove it without doubt of other possible variables.

I plan to do many experiments to help give an understanding of what we really need to know about the shafts and clubs in our bags and what the little pieces of information available actually mean. At the end of the day, if the ball flies better with Club A than Club B, we all want to know why! How can we use this information to get new clubs with more accuracy or go to fittings with more understanding of what’s being given to us and have a deeper, more informed discussion.

6 x shafts from Xcaliber Shafts, 3 x Mystic Series (Lighter) and 3 x Avalon Series (Heavier).

1 x Driver head from PXG, Proto+ 10.5 weighing in at 198g.

The build on the shafts are as follows: Same length, same swingweight, same grip, same golf ball, same day, multiple testers, blind test (shaft model etc taped over) and Flightscope data to measure. They’ve been built and are all ready to go, just waiting for golf to open up again here in the UK to give them a beating! What are your predictions or is there any experiences you’ve had that this relates to? Comment please!

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