The Artist and The Scientist

In the context of the golf swing, generally getting round a golf course in a particular way in a general score and putting a bag of clubs together. I see two types of golfer; The Artist and the Scientist. Regardless of ability.

When asking a huge pool of Tour Players how they purposely shape the ball, there’s no two answers the same. From aiming right and simply imagining the shot and feeling it happen based on years of feedback, feel and visualisation (the artist). To aiming 10 degrees right with the clubface closed 4 degrees, going down 1 club and giving it 5% extra speed to balance out the change in loft, keeping the grip 2 degrees stronger to make sure release doesn’t slow down and aiming at the fifth blade of grass on the right hand side of the greenside bunker (the scientist). There’s elements of both that come out in different scenarios and pressure. When you played your best round of golf, which one do you think you were?

When looking at clubs for an artist, this player may feel, see and hear how useful it may be and want to hit balls to see if it matches the shot they visualise. Can they shape the ball the way they want to, does it feel too heavy or too light? Does it land where they want it to land and how they like it to land? Maybe a new club for this player on tour is built exactly the same with exactly the same components as previous ones but with this years new head on it so as to keep it familiar. A good example could be Freddie Couples! Pretty sure I was named after him or at least it inspired the Freddie in Fredryck. (Big up Daddy Meikle)

The scientist on the other hand knows the specs they want, they want an 11.1° head with a shaft tipped 1″ at a D4 swingweight and hot melted in the heel to change the sound and weight bias. Maybe experiments with D3 and D5 swingweight, 10.8 degree heads and 1.5″ tipping to see what the differences are. A perfect example is Bryson DeChambeau. He likes to make up words as well.

In the eyes of trying to help you consider information and tips you come across in the wide world of golf advice, try and think what type of player you may be? An artist or a scientist? Does the advise suit your game and how you see the ball going round a golf course? It doesn’t always so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it when you’re watching golf tip videos and similar content. They might be talking to a different type of golfer.

With my own game, preparing for tournaments and building golf clubs, I am 100% a scientist. I don’t care what loft is on my 7 iron compared to Tom, Dick and Harry. I want to know how far it carry’s and how often, that my swingweight is precise all the way through my bag, the grips are lined up perfectly with the exact tape I like, my carry yardages are often written on my clubs with a sharpie based on launch monitor data, I know my variance is +/-2 yards on a good day +/-5 on a bad. With my wedges I’ve calculated my carry yardages for a full, half and quarter swing, understanding the quarter swing sends the ball in hot and skiddy and a full swing drops in steeper and stops. When I step on to the first tee. Most of that disappears and I want to feel and imagine my way round a golf course, the scientist tells me the yardages, the percentage chances of pulling off a shot, based on a feeling of how many shots would be successful out of 10 but the artist follows the fairways, follows the wind and chases the leader of the pack. My motivation and hunger to win has never been so vivid. I prepare, plan and build clubs like a scientist, then play each shot like an artist. My technique and swing mechanics follow what I visualise. My inner artist gives feedback to my scientist when I shoot 10 over and adjustments are made to get back on point and go deep under par next time. Keep your mind on bettering yourself. Always.

I build clubs for both types of golfer, to the same standards, with the same components and adjust the clubs to the same level a tour truck could offer. My workshop isn’t as posh or shiny but my experience and skills bring that level of scientist needed to build you some absolute weapons. Whether you need to know what processes happen or not, I’ve got you covered. Any rework labour is free of charge, I genuinely want you to feel like a Tour Truck built your clubs and help you perform as best you can. Just like a tour truck, popping back for a little tweak is part and parcel of the overall service offered.

I do honestly hope this is helpful for you and would very much appreciate likes, shares and such things if you are happy to for this post and do have a search for “Freddie Meikle” on YouTube if you like the way I think and deliver.

Play your best

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