Tension & Release In The Golf Swing

Tension and release can have a positive or negative influence on the strike, direction and distance of your golf ball.

A very tense and tight grip pressure can reduce the ability for the club to release through the golf ball.

Over active and under active release with the hands can vary your results one day to the next. The ability to repeat the movement is very important indeed.

Hitting the ball; high, low, left and right can all come from over and under active release in the golf swing.

There’s two ways to control the release and encourage freedom of the hands and reduce tension which restricts the movements. (In My Opinion).

Method 1 – Luther Blacklock

Luther Blacklock uses the focus of the target and your intention to be creative. This use of creativity changes your technique in a healthy way without pressing your focus on technique itself.

Luther is a Master PGA Professional and his expertise can be found on YouTube searching for Luther Blacklock as well as in the Explanar Golf Studio in Milton Keynes.


Method 2 – Freddie Meikle

This is I, hello.

I find it hard to manipulate the hands specifically as it’s such a tiny pocket of time.

My focus is on the shape of the body and the use of the shoulders, the big muscles to motivate and indicate how you get through the ball with or without good tension and release in the golf swing.

You can also find me in the Explanar Golf Studio in Milton Keynes for coaching and on YouTube – Freddie Meikle – Subscribe Below:


Below again is a handy video specifically related to Tension & Release in the golf swing.

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